Tips for a Successful Thanksgiving: Brought to you by MYLF!

First off, we’d like to tell you that you can get 7 bonus sites with our discount to MYLF — but maybe the upcoming holiday has you a little flustered.  Not to worry!

Keep calm and MYLF on!

Not only do we aim to save you money on your favorite MILF porn on (nope, that’s not a typo!), but we’re happy to help you ‘take a load off’ in other ways too.

Sit down, relax…you’re in good hands–and hopefully in a good mouth from time to time too…And so are the babes of!

Ergo, we are happy to present a few tips for a successful and fun Thanksgiving–brought to you and inspired by MYLF!

1) Allow ample time for holiday travel, and be prepared in case there are any hiccups. Get the car tuned up before any long drives…and bring extra candy for those oral fixations that help us all to de-stress.

Don’t speed on the highway…especially when there are curves ahead!


2) If you’re hosting, surprise your wife by hiring a cleaning service to take the edge off…

Or, if you can’t hire a maid, help a MILF out by doing some of the ‘dirty work’ yourself!


3) Plan to get your shopping done sooner rather than later. This way you not only have the ‘bird’ in hand, but you can prepare many side dishes or desserts ahead of time too.

When she starts off a sentence with: “Honey, can you run to the store–” just say yes. Trust us.


4) It’s tempting to micromanage if you’re hosting a potluck-style meal, but be gracious when someone offers to bring a dish, or if an unexpected guest shows up at the last minute.

Oh, these are my special unfermented organic grapes…

5) Before everyone arrives — and certainly before you eat and lapse into a food coma, make time for a little ‘private time’ with your hostess…

Pro-tip: stuff the cook while the bird roasts…or if you’re doing the cooking, have her sample some of your meat!


6) At the table, if anyone brings up an uncomfortable or divisive line of conversation, change the subject. And, even if pressed, remain neutral.

“Honey, tell your mother — I swear, I don’t know anything about Russian collusion!”


7) When it comes to spending time with other relatives or in-laws, don’t fight; find creative ways to ‘split the difference.’ After all, the holidays are about coming together…

Compromise and compromising positions are key!

8) Remember, even if you’re both super anal, it’s ok if things get messy. People spill and drop things all the time, and unless it severs an artery, it’s definitely not worth killing the vibe over.

If you have this kind of leak, definitely don’t call the plumber!


9) Man up and help with the clean up after everyone leaves–you know what we mean…and you know it’ll pay dividends later!

Pro-tip: surprise her with a new bath bomb before the big party and then help each other get really dirty!


10) Have fun and make tons of memories. This means that you’re going to have to actually get off your phone and live life–instead of merely Instagramming it. We’re not judging food porn pics — or any other legal porn pics!–but remember to enjoy the time you have together…and if you have a special MILF in your life, don’t take that for granted.

…In fact, haha, give your hardworking MILF whatever she wants this holiday…

“Since you saved so much on your favorite porn, this won’t even make a dent!”

So you get more of what you want…

Peace on earth — and blowjobs! Funny how they go hand-in-hand…

We at hope this little bit of advice is helpful!

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and check back for more deals soon!

Eat until you’re stuffed!