The Safe Word is…Savings!

“I spilled the coffee. I am a dirty boy.”

Sometimes, “life imitates art” — but even better, sometimes life imitates porn too! We definitely love it when that happens! However, when it comes to getting kinky, sometimes certain things are better off left to the professionals out there — at least until you [perhaps literally] learn the ropes…or floggers…or whatever tickles your pickle!

Genuine dill, or bread and butter pickles?

At Porn Discounts, we celebrate sexual tastes in of every flavor, but we also always encourage you to educate yourself, your partner(s), and make sure everyone’s enthusiastically consenting and aware. We aren’t trying to rain on your parade at all, but accidents/ugly situations sometimes happen when people try to imitate porn–especially if it’s a little more extreme in nature.

Don’t get rope burn…or worse! Connect with BDSM resources and education here:

So for the love of anything worth being horny over, please, please: use common sense! No one wants to end up in the Emergency Room, or wearing cuffs of the non-sexy kind…and it would also really suck to end up embarrassing yourself and ending up in the pages of a British tabloid because one of your friends leaks details of your kinky dungeon vacation…

What? You think we’re joking? Pssh! Can’t make this stuff up!

Don’t make Mistress Couple make this face at you…

Case in point: a member of UK Parliament had a little “oops” during a play session that resulted in minor injury. Lucky for the Labour MP in question, some very capable and caring dommes intervened and saved the day. And while we speculate that no one can save politicians from the press, the truth is that this situation really could have gone awry without the mitigating factor of experienced and ethical BDSM players willing to help.

Holy bondage, Batman! Glad you got here before Catwoman had her way with me again!

With that in mind, if you fantasize about exploring your submissive side, it only makes sense to give yourself over to only the very best…Hence, we are proud to offer up this discount of $20.00 off Divine Bitches — and the network at large!

Get ready to be overwhelmed by possibilities…

On Divine Bitches, gorgeous and merciless dommes put men through their paces and transform them into slaves. Expect to see plenty of hot bondage, cock and ball torture, face-sitting, oral servitude, cuckolding, orgasm denial, flogging, whipping, hot wax play, leashes, foot worship, strap-on play and more!

Divine Bitches has plenty of hot dommes to deliver the most exquisite punishments for all you filthy little worms out there… has hundreds of exclusive high-def videos ready and willing to serve you… However, to take your devotion even further, has you covered — and so does Porn Discounts! Thanks to our great deal, your discount membership to Divine Bitches unlocks the entire Kink network!

“Where the fuck are the canapés!?”

Since 1997, has served the BDSM community with great entertainment, as well as education. Today, Kink has over 70+ niche channels, plus a new Kink VR channel for virtual reality porn, and an all-new Kink Live for fans of cam sex. It is also worth noting that Kink creates content not only for heterosexual consumers, but for gay and shemale fans as well. Any and all sexual orientations will find plenty to enjoy here, and you can easily customize your site experience to see whatever you prefer.

“Say it. SAY IT!” “P–Porrrrrn Dis–c-counts!”

And while we are featuring femdom in this post, you’ll see plenty of female submission, lesbian action, and really just about every naughty taboo under the sun. Kink members already have over 14,000+ videos, and you are looking at piles of updates each month (72 last month).

Being made to serve never looked so hot…

Look, don’t make us whip you–and definitely, don’t get whipped or burned by paying full price or by picking up viruses on spammy porn tubes. Also, stop listening to 50 Shades of Poorly Written BS–check out what the real BDSM scene is all about! Snag your savings to Kink and leave your punishment in the hands of these smoldering and utterly Divine Bitches….

Divine Bitches knows how to treat naughty guys right…and Porn Discounts knows to help everyone save big on all the kink you can handle!

And remember: your safe word is always SAVINGS…with Porn Discounts!