New Deals Weekend Edition, Part 1: Viva Vitaly Uncensored!

We are kicking off this weekend right — with a discount for 34% off Vitaly Uncensored — the all-new x-rated venture of Vitaly Zdorovetskiy! You feeling the Monday blues or already dreading Sunday night? Well you won’t be once Vitaly has you laughing and cumming!

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy’s gorgeous blonde girlfriend, Kinsey Wolanski, pulls off the hottest PR stunt ever: streaking across a soccer field with big bouncy tits and her bare ass on full display!

Zdorovetskiy is a Russian-American YouTube personality best known for prank channel VitalyzdTv. His videos have reached over 1.65 billion views and over 9.9 million subscribers as of May 2019. But because YouTube and other mainstream forums censor all the really juicy bits, Vitaly decided it was time to launch his own raw X-rated website, and so was born in the summer of 2019.

Run, Run, Run!

In fact, maybe some of you soccer fans out there remember when Liverpool hoisted the UEFA Champion League, and the gorgeous blonde Kinsey Wolanski came streaking across the game wearing a very skimpy swimsuit with “Vitaly Uncensored” on it. We have to give Vitaly credit for knowing how to stage some crazy PR.

Behold: a 3 million dollar publicity stunt.

Not surprisingly, Vitaly Uncensored is exploring these antics on high — and maybe they are a little high while coming up with this stuff, for all we know. You’ll find Vitaly Uncensored has various original prank series — but most notorious is perhaps the Russian Hitman…

Vitaly himself posing as a ruthless assassin while two chicks sunbathe nude…we don’t know why!

If that isn’t insane enough, he’s got another Russian  hitman series where a hot girl begs guys on the street to take a suitcase filled with god-knows-what or someone named “Dmitri” will “destroy her asshole.” Her tits also happen to flop out too.

When Vitaly is doing the pranks himself, we give him credit for stepping it up and getting a costume and doing everything possible to appear legit. Here he is below posing as a security officer in a derelict park for the “escaped sex slave” prank.

Obviously, anyone thinking of imitating this style of humor should make sure they don’t also get arrested for impersonating a cop…or hitman…or whatever you dream up. But kudos to the gorgeous amateur babes he finds who actually know how to act.

Blonde fake sex slave on Vitaly Uncensored.

Besides Vitaly’s original prank series, you’ll find hilarious ‘behind the scenes’ content so you can see firsthand the time and dedication that he devotes to pulling off the craziest sexiest public fun. And not unlike Mr. Skin, you will also find some celeb nude compilations and other niche things that are bound to excite your curiousity–among other things!

It’s all fun and games by the pool — until Special Russian Agent Vitaly shows up.

No doubt, Vitaly Uncensored is going to continue to grow and bring you some wild boundary-pushing fun–who really knows what that guy will think of next! If you want to put the ‘reality’ in your reality porn and you love candid camera styled entertainment, then definitely check out Vitaly Uncensored — and treat yourself to these sweet savings while they last!