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Sure, we all have sexual fantasies, but if yours also happen to veer into the ‘fantastical,’ then you really need this $10 deal to VR Cosplay X! Finally: there’s a website where you can get sucked into the alternate universe of your choice — and get sucked off!

VR Cosplay presents another great porn parody, “Overcrotch” with Widowmaker and Tracer

While many hardcore sites out there often cater to a specific sexual niche, is the only site out there that is 100% dedicated to making great cosplay porn within the framework of virtual reality — and this means that all of your favorite fantasies from comics, video games, and movies are yours to enjoy when you score your cheap membership pass!

Got a ‘ruby’ for Princess Zelda?

Whatever you enjoy geeking out to on a regular basis, VR Cosplay lets you experience the action on a whole other level.

Supergirl and more Marvel babes are waiting for you!

VR Cosplay does some incredible stand-alone scenes with fantasy babes as well as some hilarious (yet always hot) porn parodies. Some of their recent releases include Lady Deadpool XXX, Mortal Kombat XXX, Attack on Titan XXX, Spider Gwen XXX, and more!

Fuck-tastic 4, anyone?

VR CosplayX already has a great sized collection of exclusive movies ready for you to stream or download, and a new scene arrives each week, so you’ll never run out of fun! Cum see for yourself what all the buzz is about!

No one is off-limits on VR Cosplay…not even Disney princesses!

Not only does VR CosplayX go the exxxtra mile to make sure your viewing experience is optimal, each and every scene rolls out in 4K Ultra HD with 60fps resolution that also includes 180-degree head-tracking and binaural sound.

Taylor Sands shows you the true power of the Force in Star Wars XXX!

Plus, VR CosplayX is compatible with multiple devices, like the Vive, Oculus, Playstation VR, Gear VR and Google Cardboard. The site is very user-friendly, so even if you are a ‘virtual virgin,’ you’ll be popping that digital cherry in no time!

Is it Mortal Kombat or…cumbat…?

Look, let’s be real: you wanted a VR headset anyway for gaming, right? Why not combining gaming AND getting off all with one cool tech toy?

Blood elves do it better…

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