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If you love Kink and BDSM, then you definitely will want to “submit” to these sexy savings…or be punished (and not in the good way!) We’re all about it if you like if rough, but face it: most of us don’t like it rough where the wallet is concerned.

“What did I tell you about going over-budget this holiday season?”

As such, Porn Discounts has your back…er and backside. You can save $20 every month with our Lifetime deal to Sex and Submission — which is part of the one and only Kink Unlimited network.

For over twenty years, Kink Unlimited has pushed the limits–while always respecting the safe-word!

SexandSubmission.com is one very hot site that gives you lots of bondage play, with an emphasis on rope bondage in many scenes. You have hundreds of exclusive full high definition videos already at your disposal here, not counting the new updates each week.

Think you’re stuffed full of taboo BDSM action? Think again!

However, Sex and Submission is really but the tip of one very kinky iceberg. With this cheap porn deal, you end up with access to the entire Kink.com network, where you will find copious amounts of porn in every flavor but vanilla! And ps. Kink.com caters to the gay and trans community as well on several of their network sites, so you can definitely explore as many sexual options if you wish.

Sure, it might be the season of giving right now, but on Sex and Submission, the giving never stops!

Kink.com has served the BDSM community for 20+ years, so these guys not only make incredible porn that caters to many different niches, but they also have formed a thriving social community of fellow kinksters. If you’re a newbie just starting to explore your dark side, Kink.com has links to information that will help you “learn the ropes,” so to speak, of safe, sane, and consensual fun.

And, if you don’t want to take things any further than unlimited streaming and downloading, that’s just peachy too! Some of the things you will see on Sex and Submission, as well as on other network sites are maybe perhaps best left to the professionals…

Speaking of which: we shouldn’t have to remind people of this, but porn is not necessarily the place to learn about having sex any more than an action movie is where you learn to drive…so remember, folks: these scenes are extreme — and these are paid actors! …Not to mention, hot ones!

What do you imagine he saying to busty Mckenzie Lee? “Does my breath smell like tacos?” “Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?”

In any case, whatever you like, Porn Discounts doesn’t judge — and neither does Kink.com! With the holidays looming and your wallet taking plenty of punishment as it is, why not treat yourself to these decadent savings?

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