New Week, New Deal: Purgatory X!

Heaven can wait — because the action on the all-new is just too hot to pass up!

April Snow and Nadya Nabakova steam things up in “Fantasy Couple,” episode 2.

If Dante’s Inferno were to inspire a porn site, well, Purgatory X is pretty darn close to what we think you’d end up with. In non-literary terms though, what you have here is a thrilling site that gives you the best of two different worlds in porn: slow, sensual sex scenes, and then intense, rough ‘oh no she didn’t!’-style hardcore.

Cherie DeVille and Tara Ashley take on Donnie Rock in “The Slut Maker,” episode 3.

Usually one would have to subscribe to two different sites, or get lucky with a network that somehow caters to both these niches — but thanks to Purgatory X, everything you could desire is here in one place. Oh, and also “virtuous non-believers,” according to Dante.

Zoey Monroe in “Genie Wishes,” episode 3.

Even though they are only starting out, Purgatory X is already showing great promise in our view. is not only giving you a hardcore of different flavors, but they are packaging their content in the form of multi-episode story arcs. And the numerous creative fantasies definitely get taken to another level this way…

From “My Wife’s Massage,” episode 1.

Movies are clearly tagged with either red (Hell) or white (Heaven) screen caps that allow you to determine how raunchy or kinky you want to get. Each movie also comes with a series of stills and a preview trailer.

Nadya Nabakova samples her friend’s husband’s cock in “Fantasy Couple,” episode 2.

In any case, we hope you’ll use our discount and take half off your Purgatory X membership — because this site not only certain to grow, but they are already too damn tempting to pass up!

Power-MILF Cherie DeVille in “My Wife’s Massage,” episode 3.