Spring Cleaning Tips: Brought to you by MYLF!

Spring has sprung — and so have we….er, figuratively speaking. Although, actually it is literal, since it is utterly impossible for us to remain limp while beholding the majestic MILFS of MYLF.com!

The weather is perfect for a picnic with Alexis Fawx!

Sure, we could go on and on about what a great network they are–how MYLF has hundreds of gorgeous adult actresses, plus some really hot network sites. But instead, let’s be practical: these days it seems like everyone is watching or meme-ing about Marie Kondo…

But might we suggest a different approach? Let’s have some wholesome, MILF-approved fun instead and shine a whole new light on that dreaded spring cleaning…

Vanessa Decker and Claudia Valentine make a great team on MYLF.com!

1) First thing’s first: assess your mess and plan your attack.

There’s no doubt about how overwhelming it can be to tackle a major cleaning or organization project in the middle of everything else you have going on. Plus, with the weather getting nicer, who on earth wants to be stuck inside? To minimize your time and workload, we suggest starting with the biggest priorities and/or most tedious tasks first.

Priorities with Bridgette B.

The sooner you buckle down, the sooner you can get done…and get back to more fulfilling activities…

Mercedes Carrera puts that ‘spring’ in our pants–er, step.

2) Next, seek out help: either learn to pitch in and do your share, or delegate!

“Honey, I said I’m in love with a Swiffer–not a stripper…”

Unless you live alone, chances are there are other people who contribute to making messes. However, it’s the year 2019 — and while we absolutely love MILFs, it’s never sexy to make your lady ‘mommy’ you, plus the kids need to learn how to pitch in sooner rather than later. So set an example: pick up your laundry, put the seat down, and help out with the dishes–you know, be an adult!

If everyone would only pitch in…

Also recent studies indicate that doing these things together as a couple leads to more regular blowjobs and less arguing — win-win! And if you are single/living alone, odds go up exponentially that your date might stay over if your apartment does not resemble an episode of Hoarders.

Ps. Pitch those old bedsheets — just do it.

Decluttering with Eva Long…

3) Take on only one room at a time!

It’s easy to see a messy house and feel overwhelmed. If your chest is tightening up every time you look around, breathe and take a step back. Start small — one room, one part of the one room, and one task at a time! Little bits add up!

Inch by inch – every little bit of effort counts!

4) Take a break!

Depending on the size of the cleaning project, your mileage may vary, but everyone needs a little break to recharge those batteries. If you’ve been knee-deep in donation boxes all day from going through your closet, there’s no shame in ordering take-out to avoid messing up the kitchen sink. It also helps to have an “incentive” waiting for you at the end of a long day…

5) Make work fun!

This one should be a no-brainer, but we’ll say it anyway. The more you can relax and laugh — and reward yourself accordingly — the more you can get into a great groove with work or whatever task.

Dani Jensen takes clean-up time seriously.

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“Laundry, now!”