New Week, New Deal: Evolved Fights – Lesbian Edition!

What could possibly get your mind off of Game of Thrones–aside from bs at work maybe? Well, for starters, we think that hot lesbian wrestling action is a mighty contender for your attention here on this fine Monday morning.

And if you’re going ‘meh’ just ask yourself — what could possibly be more impossible to look away from?! It seems pretty clear to us: when there’s a dragon on Game of Thrones, you stop. When horny naked women are rolling around trying to pin each other down, you stop.

You do…STOP. And there’s definitely no way you’re taking your eyes off this action… is the girl-on-girl only version of the original Evolved Fights — which, by the way, is pretty damn hot! Regular evolved fights gives you boy/girl match-ups that end in hot fucking–winner fucks the loser…

Similarly, Evolved Fights Lez involves strap-on sex, plus motorboating, hair pulling, foot worship, ass worship, face-fucking, tribbing–and more! In our humble opinion, these match-ups might be even more vicious than the original Evolved Fights!

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Evolved Fights Lez also offers the option to pay per video…but we think you should just treat yourself, really to the monthly membership. After all, that Pay-Per-View adds up–whether you’re watching “real” wrestling, boxing–or porn! In any case, we hope you’re down to step into the ring…and save!