Transfixed is…mesmerizing!

Previously we blogged about the new Netflix of Porn, Adult Time — which you really need to hurry up and subscribe to Adult Time with our 67% off discount if you haven’t yet — that much is obvious! However, what might be less obvious, if not downright surprising, is how Adult Time is steadily pushing the boundaries of what constitutes “taboo.”

Now, you get hints of this of course on the original Pure Taboo site — but step porn and scripted scandals aside, Transfixed is shocking–and arousing–audiences in a whole other way by breaking down boundaries and pairing up today’s hottest ladies in mainstream porn with the hottest male to female trans stars.

And what’s more, Transfixed is not at all about giving you “fetishized” “shemale” content that you might see elsewhere. Even if this niche isn’t your cup of tea, you have to respect the approach here–and yes, there are juicy scripted stories to enjoy as well.

Now, Transfixed is one of many trans options on Adult Time, but this series is 100% exclusive to them, so you will not see these scenes on any other site. As always, Adult Time lets you fully customize what appears in your suggested content, so you are truly free to explore any hue of the rainbow you desire…And let’s just say that Transfixed is any indicator, many people’s desires might surprise them — or not…

In any case, we don’t see anyone being able to look away from the action here at all, so you may as well get cozy and take $20 off Transfixed and Adult Time at large!

Don’t look away…