New Week, New Deal: Adam and Eve TV!

If you enjoy purchasing sex toys or other such items to spice things up with your partner(s) — or to help make your nights alone more enjoyable — then you’ve probably already heard of Adam and Eve….but what about Adam and Eve TV?

That’s right: the iconic purveyor of pleasurable devices has your back (or front) covered in even more ways — and we’re proud to let you sample even more of their awesome forbidden fruit with a discount for 67% off!

You’ll find Adam and Eve TV is packed with hundreds of exclusive scenes, as well as feature-length dvds with all of your favorite adult stars and more. And regardless of whether you’re browsing for yourself or with the wife or girlfriend in mind, there’s really something here for everyone, niche-wise.

But for the couples out there, Adam and Eve TV features a unique series called Sex Ed, which consists of fun and steamy couples’ tutorials to enhance your intimacy. Looking for something light? Check out the many hilarious porn parodies here too! Whether you’re feeling bold, romantic, adventurous, or just wanting to chill, Adam and Eve TV has countless high definition offerings to stream.

Yes, they went there…

Some temptations are actually pretty sweet — and actually pay dividends that result in you not sleeping alone or on the couch… Don’t miss out on your savings to Adam and Eve TV — in fact, with the money you save on porn, you may as well go ahead and splurge on some toys too!

And in this case, it’s also ok not to share your toys…