Weekend Edition, pt 1: Live Sex Cams

It’s the question you want to ask, but, well, who the hell do you ask: “What are those live cam sites like?” And we suspect that question might be followed up with: “How do I make sure I don’t get ripped off?”

Don’t worry,  bro — we got you covered! Part one of this short, sweet weekend edition of our blog will give you some handy Dos and Don’ts to consider if you are new to this scene… And if you aren’t so new, then feel free to take 52% off Chaturbate right now and skip this next part!

We’re good either way 🙂

Start your engines…and adjust those speakers!

Camming Dos and Don’ts for Beginners

DO: be polite! This might sound trivial, but spend enough time on cam sites and you’ll notice countless models putting variations of these exact words in their profiles – because sadly, they need to. A little charm goes a long way – and both ways too. If someone is being snarky or non-responsive, meh, don’t cause drama, just move on to another room.

DON’T: feed the trolls, or come into a public chat demanding free things, and some models are even particular about keeping public chat PG—so read and respect the room rules, don’t just scroll past! Lastly, if you had a rough day, don’t take it out on someone else, online or not.

DO: Protect your privacy online and use common sense. Do not give out personal information or financial information.

DO: look for and read the tip menus – and respect the going rates!

DON’T: beg or demand “freebies first.” Cam sites are not a place to haggle or bargain. Models put their tip charts up for a reason (i.e. wanting to make a living) and will often specify hard limits there as well.

DO: explore your fantasies and communicate openly about what you are looking for. No one is here to judge you–and you aren’t there to judge them (unless you see something illegal, then by all means DO report it). As they say, every pot has a lid. Somewhere out there is a cam performer who shares your love of feet or femdom, or what have you, so no need to impose whatever on someone who says “no thanks.” Listen to “no” the first time.

DO: branch out! You might have a “type” – but most cam sites out there have hundreds of beauties on average who might match that fantasy and more. And if a particular model is not for you, no sweat!

DON’T: Get swept away…Remember: you are here to be entertained and they are here to make money. Obviously consenting adults can make any number of choices, but don’t be the sad sucker who thinks your cam friend is going to move to America and be your wife as soon as you shell out several thousand.

DO: Budget wisely. Every site has different structures regarding tokens or token packages…and those private shows and pre-recorded content purchases do add up!

DON’T: Forget to pay attention to time zones – models hail from all over the world, so be mindful that online schedules may vary drastically. If in doubt, ask.

DO: Favorite, Follow, and support your favorite performers! Cam sites attract both amateurs and professionals at various stages of the game, so don’t discount the importance of your rating and testimonials.

Josie on Chaturbate…one of many buxom blondes!

…Ok, ready to get your feet wet now?

Then hurry up and claim your Chaturbate discount! We help you save on tokens – but for newbies who are testing the waters, Chaturbate is great, owing to its very user-friendly interface and their fast, free public chat. Additionally, Chaturbate.com seems to attract plenty of natural exhibitionists who do go a little wild in free chat and give you a taste of what’s to cum in private.

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