Manic Monday? Try Perfect Gonzo!

You might be having the Monday-est Monday that ever Monday-ed, but we’re here to help!

Nothing erases tension like a well-done fuck – and especially if you don’t have anyone to get down with at the moment, well, thank goodness for porn and its infinite variety of options. But sometimes the last thing you want is options – you just want it now and want it hard – we get it!

So today’s discount is about skipping the scripts, the silly lines, and any form of fictional pretext. You won’t find any horny stepmoms or stepdads, stepsiblings, MILFS, DILFS, or plumbers or pizza delivery guys. Here be dragons! …Just kidding—those are for the Game of Thrones porn parodies out there!

Just get to the point…with Tina Hot’s gaping butthole!

What we do have for you today though is sure to hit the spot: $10 off Perfect Gonzo. That’s right: the raw and raunchy action you’ve been thirsting for is cheaper than ever – and our low rate unlocks over 8+ unique sites! Also, has recently undergone a snappy new site redesign, so it is easier than ever to just sit back, feast your eyes…and other parts of your anatomy. Really.

Monday multitasking: Tina can’t decide which hard cock to swallow — so she’ll both!

The producers behind Perfect Gonzo literally got sick of all the crap out there – so in their own words, what you get here includes: “Top notch female models, classy outfits, high quality video and photo equipment, no compromises on file sizes (we mean HD when we say HD).” Trust us: Perfect Gonzo more than lives up to their name…especially if you know anything about what gonzo porn really means.

Regina Crystal sucks like a pro — and gets plowed from behind!

…So how many of you out there know what it really is? Hey we aren’t judging – people throw a lot of labels around these days. In a nutshell, gonzo porn is a very retro concept that got off the ground in the 1980s.

Sandra Luberc’s asshole gets stuffed.

Not unlike gonzo journalism, in which the author becomes part of the story, gonzo porn is often POV in style—the camera or cameraman is often part of the action, which is of course quite different from mainstream porn or cinema. Thus, gonzo porn also contains intense genital close-ups and far fewer full-body/wide shots – because the aim here is to draw you into the action. Short of actual found footage (and your quality mileage always varies on those sites), gonzo porn is definitely sure to appeal to all you horny voyeurs and nasty close-up lovers out there.

Hanna Montada stretches her snatch with both hands!


Fun fact: the late Jamie Gillis is the performer/director credited with pioneering gonzo style porn – and he personally starred in John Stagliono’s groundbreaking Buttman series.

Another fun and totally non sequitur fact? Gillis’s former partner, Zarela Martinez is something of a culinary pioneer. She helped to bring authentic Mexican food to NYC back in the early 80s. Both Martinez, and later on, her son, celebrity chef, Aarón Sanchez (whom you might recognize from shows like Chopped and Iron Chef), were mentored by the late great New Orleans chef, Paul Prudhomme…Far out, huh? It’s a small, delicious world out there, folks!

Mmm-mmm good!

Anyway…Perfect Gonzo is sure to satisfy any number of your sexual cravings. From anal to big tits to group hookups, there’s definitely something for everyone here! They update 3 times a week with fresh content too, and you already have an archive loaded with thousands of exclusive full high definition and 4K Ultra videos.

Afternoon anal delight with Carla Cruz.

Use our Perfect Gonzo discount link and have your “cake” – in whatever form that might take – and eat it too—all week long and then some! HA! Take THAT Monday!